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Poster: Bob Glushko Date: Jun 7, 2003 2:50am
Forum: sflan Subject: Receiving SFLAN9 from 28th and Noriega

My node (SFLAN9) is on the top of Forest Hill on Mendosa Avenue near the intersection of 10th Avenue and Quintara. But I have a view from the end of GG Park (near the brewpub) all the way to Daly City, and it looks like my signal is very strong out there because I'm so high (about 800').

Here's a note from someone who connected to my node from 28th Avenue near Noriega, which is well over a mile away and not even line of sight!

So if you're out there in the Avenues try to find SFLAN9. You might be pleasantly surprised.



Also, I found sflan9 with no problem. From inside the second story window, I first tried my 16dBi panel antenna-on-tripod connected to a Cisco Aeronet 350 card, then a Senao (200 mW) card. Later, I switched to a 5.5 dBi blade antenna with only minimal loss of signal strength.

I don't have direct line of sight (28th Avenue, between Moraga and Noriega). , but your signal comes through loud and clear (connection registers as "good"), even if it is a reflection.

Definitely I get a better connection at night, probably due to less noise. Here in the Sunset, looking out in any direction is looking through a maze of overhead wires and no doubt a few microwave ovens and portable phones.

I checked the website, and the mapping feature said that I'm 1.1 miles away. Not bad! Did you need to get an FCC license for that transmitter? How many watts are you broadcasting?


PS: My girlfriend comes home from work, sees the antennas and cards scattered about and asks me, "are you trying to contact Mars or something?"

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Poster: brewster Date: Jun 7, 2003 3:12am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: Receiving SFLAN9 from 28th and Noriega

Wonderful! one of our first connections!

To answer Jeff's question about transmitter power it is a Senao 200mW card that is going through an omni. We have direction yagi's and in bob case, a hot-dog grill style dish connecting to "home" (san bruno mountain maintained by bawrn).

what bandwidth is jeff seeing? has a "our tools" link on the left and a speed test in java there.



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Poster: webdog Date: Jun 8, 2003 5:52am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: Receiving SFLAN9 from 28th and Noriega

To answer your question, I ran the DSL Reports speed test for my connection to sflan9 (Bob's). I ran two tests each with my Aeronet and Senao cards, all from the same spot near the window with the same external 5.5 dBi blade antenna.

For these tests, the Senao card far outperformed the Cisco card. It could be a matter of sheer wattage, or perhaps the Senao access point just likes talking to a Senao card. I have experienced other circumstances where the Cisco card outperforms... it often seems to do a better job of picking out weak signals from noisy backgrounds.

Upload rates with the Senao card are nothing short of amazing. Tremendous potential out there for the two edged sword of use and abuse.

Cisco Aeronet 352 Card (100mW)
2003-06-08 15:24:21 EST: 608 / 481
Your download speed : 608600 bps, or 608 kbps.
A 74.2 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 481231 bps, or 481 kbps.

2003-06-08 15:29:02 EST: 461 / 457
Your download speed : 461778 bps, or 461 kbps.
A 56.3 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 457700 bps, or 457 kbps.

Senao "Long Range Wireless LAN PC Card" (200mW)

2003-06-08 15:41:46 EST: 702 / 1023
Your download speed : 702168 bps, or 702 kbps.
A 85.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 1023017 bps, or 1023 kbps.

2003-06-08 15:43:32 EST: 726 / 1426
Your download speed : 726305 bps, or 726 kbps.
A 88.6 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 1426024 bps, or 1426 kbps.

PS: I've included a pic of the laptop setup.

Attachment: senao-blade-sflan9.jpg

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Poster: webdog Date: Jun 8, 2003 6:13am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: Receiving SFLAN9 from 28th and Noriega

While netstumbling, I picked up sflan9 signals from the 280 as I passed the Century Theatres in Daly City going south. I wasn't in a situation where I could stop and see if I could make a connection.

This was with a Senao 200mW "Long Range Wireless LAN PC Card" and a Pacific Wireless 7dBi magnetic roof mounted antenna.

According to, this is almost 4 miles from the access point.